Samsung's New 60GHz WiFi Boasts 4.6Gbps Speeds, Transfers Entire Movies in Seconds

Our never ending desire for faster and faster devices is only fueled by the advances that we're constantly seeing in the wireless industry.  This is important because as ultra HD 4K video and other technologies gain popularity, their file sizes are going to need increased network speeds to be able to be transferred from one device from another.  One prominent area where these sorts of videos need to be utilized in a quick manner is in your own home, where you're likely to be streaming the videos from your phone to your TV using your homes WiFi connection.  Right now it takes an inordinate amount of time to move that much data on most home networks, and waiting for a movie to buffer on your TV is incredibly annoying when trying to show off your vacation videos to family and friends.

Now it looks like you won't have to wait at all to get these movies on your TV instantly, and you'll even be able to transfer a feature-length DVD quality movie in less than 5 seconds if you buy one of the routers that will feature Samsung's up and coming new WiFi technology.  The new standard is 802.11ad, which obviously comes after the current standard of 802.11ac.  Current WiFi technology can transfer up to 866mbps, which is 108MB per second.  That's pretty darn fast, but Samsung's new 60GHz wireless technology transfers at 4.6gbps, which is 575MB per second.  That's an unbelievably fast wireless connection, and one that's going to pave the way for more wireless video technology in your house.

Expect to see this not just in WiFi routers but also in Samsung's upcoming Smart Home products, and used throughout the world of The Internet of Things.  With more devices connected at a time you'll need more bandwidth to be spread between devices, and saying this is considerably faster than the current standard doesn't even come close to describing it.  Expect to see the first devices sporting the 802.11ad standard sometime in early 2015.

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