Samsung's Galaxy Note 4 Receives First OTA Update Featuring Better Battery Life

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 AH 1

While the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has been available for a few weeks in South Korea and China (with some issues), it’s only just about to be launched internationally from October 17th. But just because a new device is being launched doesn’t mean it’s software has yet been tweaked to perfection. It’s quite common for a new handset or tablet to receive an OTA update the moment you take it out of the box, and it looks like the Galaxy Note 4 will be no different. Don’t get too excited, this is just a tweak to the Android version 4.4.4 KitKat that the Note 4 has launched with.

In this case it appears that the update will be quite a small one in size, just 35.7MB, updating the Note 4 to build XXU1ANJ4. What does the update bring? Well, aside from the usual ‘stability fixes’, the update is said to tweak some features as well as increase battery life noticeably. Apparently your Note 4 should receive the OTA update regardless of which region you reside in, although. Just in case your Note 4 doesn’t snatch the update from the ether all by itself, you can always go to settings, select About Phone and choose the Software Update option to manually update the software. The update will then download, and the Note 4 will ask for permission to reboot so as to install the firmware tweak. The whole process shouldn’t take longer than a couple of minutes, and the Note 4 should restart all by itself after the install. After this, you should see your home-screen appear as usual.

It’s quite likely that you won’t be able to see any noticeable differences feature-wise, one reason being that your Note 4 should see this update soon after you’ve turned the device on for the first time, the other being that it is quite a small update filled with tweaks and fixes. If you have had your Galaxy Note 4for a little while though before receiving the update, remember to let us know your thoughts in the comments below or at our Google Plus page on whether the proposed ‘significant’ increase in battery life was significant or not.