Samsung's does their own #BendGate Test on the Galaxy Note 4

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So will Samsung be banned from making parts for Apple iPhones and iPads? Seeing as media that covered #BendGate got banned from coming to Apple events this week. It’ll be interesting to see. The new big thing going around has been the iPhone 6 Plus – in particular – bending. Now this isn’t the first phone to bend, nor will it be the last. But because it is the iPhone, it’s getting a ton of attention. We’ve seen reports in the past of HTC One M8 and M7’s, as well as some Samsung phones having the same issue. So it’s not unique to the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

Samsung has a new video up on YouTube (it’s embedded at the bottom of this post) that shows that the Galaxy Note 4 won’t bend in your back pocket. I still don’t know why people put phones in their back pocket, but that’s not the point. It’s a stab at Apple, which shouldn’t be a surprise, especially after all those “Samsunged” ads in the last few years.

And apparently, our hips are strong – stronger than we give it credit for. Leaving things in your back pocket can lead to, well, bent things. Hence the question: what about my phone? Namely, the Galaxy Note 4…”

So it looks like now we’re going to see a lot of people doing bend tests on YouTube for other devices now, like the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Unfortunately, these videos are about as common as an unboxing video these days. Which is kinda interesting, but they are generating YouTubers lots of views, which generates lots of ad revenue for them. So I guess, whatever works, right? How many of you are anxious to pick up the Galaxy Note 4 in a few weeks when it hits store shelves on October 17th? Let us know in the comments down below.