Samsung Puts The Galaxy Note 4 Through A Drop Test, Shows Its Toughness

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Samsung aren’t known for being subtle with their advertising, especially when it comes to showing how their Galaxy smart phones are better than the iPhone. And even more especially with the whole #Bendgate drama that the latest iPhone has garnered, although the Note 4 has problems with build quality of its own. Last week we saw how the Galaxy Note 4 was able to withstand efforts to make it bend, and today we have a video showing how Samsung’s latest flagship survives being thrown and dropped about.

It’s actually an impressive showing. One of the tests shows the Note 4 being nudged off a flat surface from various heights, landing on its back and front numerous times, with no discernible damage. The demonstrator picks the device up and swipes away the lock-screen to show the Note 4 working as it should be, although it should be noted that sometimes the battery cover and the S-Pen become partially detached.

That’s all well and good, but what about when the device lands on a corner, surely the resulting force generated from the concentrated impact should mean a cracked screen at the very least? As you can see from the video below, the Note 4 is dropped on its corner and the edge numerous times, and nothing. Zero damage. One of the more interesting tests shown is the tumble test, where the Note 4  and a soda can are placed in a square tube that is spun, creating a tumble dryer effect. A camera has been placed inside and it shows the items being slammed from one end to another, with the soda can showing obvious signs of damage while the Note 4 appears unscathed.

It’s pretty impressive stuff, especially when I remember how my 2012 Nexus 7’s display broke after landing on its back from a height of 1 foot (50cm). It’s got to be said that when you do get receive your own Note 4, it’s probably best not to try and duplicate theirs tests! Isn’t it a shame that they didn’t find a way to make the Note 4 dust- and water-resistant, now that would have been something. What other tests do you think Samsung should put the Galaxy Note 4 through? Let us know your ideas at our Google Plus page.