Samsung Made Some Changes Recently, But Is That Enough To Keep Them From Losing Market Share

Samsung is one of the biggest smartphone manufacturers in the world, if not the biggest one, This is a huge corporation and its sheer size and tech power are quite significant. We're talking about a company which not only manufactures smartphones, tablets and smartwatches, but makes refrigerators, microwaves, etc. Truth be told, different parts of this company do those things, I just wanted to point out how huge Samsung as a company really is. Anyhow, Samsung has been basically untouchable for a long time when it comes to smartphone sales. The company has been manufacturing tons of different Galaxy models and have been selling them like hotcakes all over the world. Samsung isn't doing all that great lately, don't get me wrong, they're still selling a lot of phones and are far from being in trouble or anything of the sort, but their market share is dropping.

More and more people are ditching the Galaxy phones for various reasons. Those who are tech-savvy might not like Samsung's UI and how bloated it is, and are either tired of copy / paste solutions by Samsung, are unsatisfied with the performance of the phones they buy or just have cheaper variants which are just as good as some Samsung products. I know a lot of people who have actually owned Samsung's devices but were unsatisfied with the performance of those devices and are now looking elsewhere for their phones. Truth be told these were not high-end devices and didn't run KitKat, but you know how people are, if they try something and it doesn't work as it should they just run away from it.

Wall Street Journal gave a great example when they interviewed He Wenzong which traded his Galaxy S3 smartphone for one of Xiaomi's offerings. "To me, it looks like it's the same quality, but one costs 2,000 Yuan ($327) and the other is 3,500 Yuan ($571). So why would I pick Samsung?" It seems like more and more people feel this way. Xiaomi is the number 1 smartphone manufacturer in China and is third biggest OEM in the world, which really says something. Xiaomi is not the only one who is doing great job offering affordable high-end devices though, Meizu, IUNI... and other Chinese manufacturers also produce such phones. Some of those devices are on par with Samsung's offerings as far as design quality and specifications go, if not better, but are almost almost half the price Samsung is asking for its top-notch smartphones and people are starting to realize that.

If you take a look at the chart below the article you'll see Samsung's and Xiaomi's market fluctuation and how Samsung has been losing market share lately. This Korean tech giant will have to change things up if they want to stay number 1 manufacturer in the world. I don't think they'll lose that place overnight, but if this trend continues Samsung might be in a tough place rather soon. It's good to see that the company has started introducing metal to its device builds, I personally would like for Samsung to seriously lower the amount of bloat they implement in their OS as well though. I know that's not a problem for most people, but I really can't stand it and I believe it's about time Samsung change it up a bit. I hope that the changes they're making to their recent devices will continue and that we'll see more good things from this Korean company, ti seems like they really needed this market share drop in order to get to their senses.

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