Samsung Launches Protection Plus Mobile Elite Program

Samsung Logo AH 11

If you are the owner of Samsung’s Galaxy or Note Series, you now have more than just your phone carriers warranty that covers your phone. Thanks to Samsung’s Protection Plus Mobile Elite program, any accident that you may run into with your phone like dropping it in the toilet, Samsung will take care of it. When part of the program, your phone will be under a warranty of two years. While under those two years the program covers accidental damage from drops, spills, cracked screens, electrical and mechanical failures. Getting a new device is fast and easy with the Protection Plus Program, just 2 business days or less and your replacement phone is at your door. In addition to the many damage claims, the program includes 24/7 customer support which only closes on Christmas Day. One thing to keep in mind about this program is that it only covers 3 claims.

As said on Samsung’s site, “Samsung Protection Plus Mobile Elite* was built with your lifestyle in mind,” which is great to know because we are human and accidents do happen. Samsung also adds, “We understand that you use your phone to stay connected to, well, everything – loved ones, social media, and the latest news and entertainment. If an accident happens such as a drop, spill or cracked screen that causes damage to your phone, we want you to be able to get reconnected as quickly as possible.” Samsung is very understanding as you can see and wants to keep us connected no matter what happens. Their Protection Plus program is a big thumbs up for anyone who is accident prone.

As of right now, Samsung’s Protection Plus Mobile Elite warranty is available only for the Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 3, and the Galaxy Note 4. The price for the program also has a hefty price tag of $100 for Galaxy users and $129 for Note users. Besides the prices, Samsung’s new program will benefit a lot of people who run into the common accident. Also from the looks of everything, these benefits that users will receive from the program are way better than what you would get from your average phone carrier. As usual, share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.