Samsung Gear S Smartwatch Gets Opera Mini…Mini-Mini Version


Personally, six months ago the logic behind buying a smartwatch was not hugely evident. However, now it does seem that there are many good reasons to buy a smartwatch. In addition to receiving all mail, text and call notifications on the fly – smartwatches also offer some really neat features. For instance, the streaming of music to headphones while at the gym, the general monitoring of health features and alarm notifications. Not forgetting of course, updates on Tottenham's latest game results (football/soccer team for all those not-in-the-know). However, one reason to not buy a smartwatch is certainly web browsing. With watches typically containing a less than 2" sized screen web browsing seems a little pointless in all honestly. If you disagree and need to browse while on the go (and don't have your smartphone) then don't worry, the solution is here.

Opera web browser is one of the most popular browsers available and more so is their miniature version, Opera Mini. As the name suggests Opera Mini is a reduced version of their main counterpart browser. Although 'mini' the browser works as effectively as the main browser but is designed specifically for use with mobile devices. The mini browser requests web pages through the Opera servers and then compresses them before directing to the mobile device which made the original request. In short, this allows for a quicker transfer of web pages and at a much reduced size, saving time and money if using a data plan. Well, as you have probably guessed by now Opera Mini have been quick to jump on the smartwatch wagon.


Opera Mini is the first web browser designed specifically for the Galaxy Gear S offering web browsing literally on-the-go. As to be expected with Opera Mini, the smartwatch version also comes with the compression technology allowing for a faster (and smaller) data transfer. In addition and probably more surprising Opera Mini offers smartwatch owners private/incognito browsing (aka porn browsing) for all the latest 'Fappening' happenings. You may be wondering why Opera have opted for the Galaxy Gear S and not the Moto 360. Well, that is not so confusing. The Gear S is the first standalone smartwatch and as such does not require a smartphone connection and data plan to work. So therefore this is the first smartwatch which can independently offer internet services and hence why the browser is probably more of use for the Gear S then other devices. This is even more relevant when you consider Opera's ability to compress which will significantly reduce browser activity charges on your smartwatch. As for when can you get it? Well that's easy too. The browser will be available from the Samsung App Store when the Gear S is finally released.

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