Samsung Gear S Landing On Sprint And Verizon in November


Had enough of smartwatch news recently? Thought not. Well, to help you get your daily smartwatch fix it now seems that Samsung's second incarnation of wearables, the Samsung Gear S will be very soon landing on both Sprint and Verizon. For the Sprint Customers out there it seems the Gear S will be available both online and in-store from November 7th. According to the Press release the Gear S will be available on their Easy Pay program with $0 down (plus tax of course) and 24 monthly $16 payments. For those that want to know, this method means you are paying a total of $384 for the smartwatch. In line with the rumors we were hearing a couple of weeks back the Gear S can also be added to the Sprint Family Share Pack for an add-on fee of $10 per month. This is needed on top of the actual cost of the device due to the Gear S standalone connection nature. If you are on a Family Share Family pack of 20GB or higher then apparently Sprint will wave the $10 add-on fee through December 2015.

In terms of Verizon customers. Well to be honest there is not a whole lot to report on. At the moment they have not provided any details (officially) on the pricing or when the Gear S will become available. However, it has made it now on to the Verizon Wireless Website with a sign-up link to get the first heads up on the details once they are released. Click here to head over to the Verzion sign-up listing if you want to be kept up-to-speed.


Need a reminder about the Gear S? Well, Samsung's newest smart watch comes with a 2" AMOLED display along with a 360 x 480 resolution. Inside the device is loaded with 512MB RAM and 4GB internal storage. The device is powered using a 1GHz dual-core processor and running on a 300mAh battery. Unlike most of the offerings out there the Gear S does not run on Android Wear but instead Samsung's own Tizen operating system. Of course, not forgetting that this is a standalone device and won't require a connection to your smartphone. So any Sprint or Verizon customers looking forward to getting the Gear S?

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