Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Exynos Variant Packs a Serious Punch in Benchmarks


When Samsung releases a new phone you can pretty much expect it to perform at the top of the charts.  We're not just talking the Snapdragon variants of the device either, which are the most prominent versions of nearly any worldwide Samsung device, we're also talking about Samsung's in-house designed Exynos line of chipsets.  The Galaxy Note 4 ships with Samsung's first ever 20nm chipsets, the Exynos 5433, and is also Samsung's first 64-bit chipset as well.  While Android isn't yet 64-bit, the performance improvements that could come from a 64-bit version of Android L are likely going to be significant, and that's something to say given what we're seeing here in the current line of testing.  The Exynos 5433 is an octo-core chipset that uses a powerful quad-core for the heavy lifting and a low-power quad-core for menial tasks like web browsing and messaging to save battery.

We can see in the tests below performed by Play Wares that the Note 4's Exynos chipset keeps up with everything else out there and then some.  This is particularly impressive because the Note 4 is packing a quad-HD screen on the device, meaning there's more than 50% more pixels than are found on a 1080p phone like the Galaxy S5.  This effectively means that more processing power is needed just to produce the same image at the same rendering speed, and it looks like the Exynos has no trouble doing so.  We're also seeing some incredible web browsing speeds for the device, meaning when it's necessary that more powerful quad-core kicks in and does what's needed to get the job done quickly, keeping the phone from running down the battery over time.

Right now this version of the Galaxy Note 4 is only available in Korea under the model SM-N910, and there's no telling where this specific model is going to be released either.  We're looking forward to getting our hands on the Snapdragon variant of the Note 4 and seeing how it compares, but until then we're looking at one powerful device that's not going to easily be defeated any time soon.


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