Samsung Chromebook 2 Now Comes As An Intel Inside Variant


Earlier this year Samsung launched their newest Chromebook dubbed the Samsung Chromebook 2. In case you missed it the first time round Samsung's Chromebook 2 came in two size varieties, 11.6" and 13". In addition to this the Chromebook 2 came with 4GB RAM and 16GB internal memory. The device was also powered by Samsung's owned processor the Samsung Exynos 5 Octa 5420

That's what you get inside although most of the more notable features of the Chromebook 2 are its exterior. The Chromebook comes with a rather strange faux leather stitching covering its lid. This is a step away from the more traditional aluminium or polycarbonate lids more commonly found and comes down to personal taste to whether it is a good or bad thing. However, a more positive for everyone is the device comes with a reinforced metal frame which allows for a more durable product which can be used (and moved about) without worrying too much about damaging it. If you haven't thought about buying the unit before than today's news might further sway you. One of the disadvantages of the Chromebook 2 was its reliance on its own Exynos processor. It now seems Samsung have listed a third option to the Chromebook 2, this option comes with an Intel processor replacing the previous Exynos one.


Yes, the new variant of the Chromebook 2 is again 11.6" in size and comes loaded with an Intel Celeron Processor N2840, which clocks at 2.58GHz. Now although this is certainly a better processor, to maintain the price-point Samsung seemed to have needed to cut corners somewhere else and unfortunately this has come via the RAM capacity of the device. The Intel version only comes with 2GB RAM which is disappointing when you consider the previous Exynos models comes with 4GB RAM. As such multi-tasking will be affected. If you are fine with the reduction of RAM and see it as a good swap for having an Intel processor then the device is currently priced at $250 and available for pre-order via Samsung. All the other specs including the internal memory and the faux leather covering remain intact with only the processor and RAM differing. So what do you think? Does a Samsung Chromebook with an Intel processor attract you more than the previous version? Are you happy with a trade-off for RAM? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment.

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