Rumor: Lenovo Might Make An Offer For BlackBerry Soon

October 20, 2014 - Written By Kristijan Lucic

It’s not exactly a secret that BlackBerry is having significant financial issues. The company has been laying off people and has tried to restructure its business over the last… well, a long time now. BlackBerry 10 OS, as well as Z10 and Q10 devices, should have been BlackBerry’s saving grace, though that move backfired on this Canadian company rather fast. The sales of these two devices haven’t been good by any stretch of the imagination and BlackBerry had to find other ways to save the company. Many tech giants have shown interest in purchasing BlackBerry, some of them went out and said it other however did not, either way, many of them are interested in BlackBerry, mainly because of company’s patents and I presume talented individuals employed by BlackBerry. Microsoft and Lenovo have been mentioned most frequently and it seems Lenovo is still interested in acquiring this Canadian mobile communications company.

According to Benzinga’s sources, Lenovo is still very much interested in acquiring BlackBerry Limited. The source claims Lenovo will offer $15,00 per share as early as this week, but the deal will ultimately close at $18,00 per share. Lenovo’s CFO, Wong Wai Ming, said in January that BlackBerry could interest Lenovo though we haven’t heard much about it since then, it’s been almost two years. Don’t forget that Lenovo purchased Motorola Mobility in the meantime, so that probably put this BlackBerry deal off tracks, at least for a while. According to rumors, Canadian government blocked a potential BlackBerry deal with Lenovo due to national security concerns and what not. Lenovo’s spokesperson wasn’t available for comment as far as these new rumors go.

This sounds really interesting, at least to me. BlackBerry is hardly going to rise up on its own and Lenovo might be a solution, though I thought there’s no way Lenovo would purchase BlackBerry after it was announced they purchased Motorola Mobility. I guess Lenovo’s appetite is stronger than I thought and this deal might actually go through. It is still unclear what Lenovo might do with BlackBerry once they purchase the company, but we’ll let you know as soon as we get more info on this. Do you think this deal might actually happen?