Rumor: HTC Nexus 9 to Launch October 15th, Go On Sale November 3rd for $399



We've been hearing a whole lot about the Nexus 9 over the past couple of weeks, with the majority of the news being focuses on just when the device is going to be announced. So far, it looks like October 15th is the day, with a number of sources coming forward to say that this is the day of the Nexus 9. Now though, we're hearing some more information that October 15th is indeed the day, along with a second date as to when you can actually purchase the Nexus 9 and for how much. Of course, this is just another rumor, but as we're getting pretty close to the much-rumored date, it's no surprise that more information is trickling out.


According to Bright Side of News, the Nexus 9 is to be announced on October 15th and it will go on sale November 3rd starting at $399. This seems pretty interesting to us and is of course a long way away from the Nexus 7's pricing from last year, but let's not forget that the Nexus 9 is supposed to be more of a premium experience compared to the budget-minded tablets from the last couple of years. We got a leak that detailed the launch of the Nexus 9 on O2 in the UK with a price of £459, but that was more than likely for the LTE version which is often much more expensive than the base model. $399 certainly seems a little steep, but with an NVIDIA Tegra K1, with full 64-bit support thanks to Android L and a quality build by HTC, it's no surprise this year's Nexus tablet is to cost a little extra.

It's less than a week until we see whether or not all the whispers putting to an October 15th launch of the Nexus 9 comes true and if that's the case, we'll be sure to cover all the news and hopefully, Google has something a little extra in store for us as well, with the launch of Android L possibly hitting existing Nexus devices already on the market. What do you guys think? Is the 15th the magic day and are you as excited as you thought you'd be?

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