Rumor: Galaxy S6 To Sport A 2K Display, 4GB Of RAM And An Iris Scanner

Samsung Logos AH 1

Basically everyone knows what a Samsung Galaxy is, even if they (regular consumers) don’t differentiate between the Galaxy devices, this Korean company really created an extremely powerful brand. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is Samsung’s current flagship smartphone, though that’s arguable considering Samsung tends to release Galaxy Note device after the Galaxy S device and usually the Note phablet is the more powerful of the two. I guess we can place them in different categories of devices though, the Galaxy S line is a smartphone line while the Galaxy Note line is a phablet line, I know I’m nitpicking here considering the size of these 2 devices isn’t all that different, but let’s roll with it. Samsung announced an extremely powerful Note 4 phablet at this year’s IFA and it basically blows the S5 out of the water, so everyone is wondering what will Samsung do with the Galaxy S6 which will be released in Q1 next year, quite probably February or March.

We’ve already heard some rumors that it will be made out of metal, just like the Galaxy Alpha and Note 4 are, though that is to be expected. It seems like rumors are starting already, we have yet another one for you. According to the latest report from China, the Samsung Galaxy S6 will feature the Iris scanner which was talked about at length before Samsung introduced the S5, but the Korean company decided not to include it in that device. An Iris scanner is basically an eye scanner which will have a similar purpose as the fingerprint scanner, though I believe the fingerprint scanner is not going anywhere and that we’ll see that on the S6 as well.

The rumor also says that the device will be powered by Samsung’s latest Exynos 7 processor along with 4GB of RAM and a 2K display will quite probably also be a part of this package. The leak also says that the device might come early and launch at the end of this year, though I doubt that, it would be too close to Note 4’s launch and Galaxy S devices basically always launch in Q1, not Q4. Anyhow, do you think there’s any truth to this rumor? There’s no way we can confirm any of this and it’s still quite early, but get used to it, we’ll see more and more Galaxy S6 rumors.