Rovio Launches "Retry" Onto The Play Store Through Their LVL11 Publishing Brand

Rovio is well known for their Angry Birds games. More so than most other mobile game publishers. Even if people don't know the name Rovio as well, they still know Angry Birds and in the end, that's what matters. Rovio doesn't just release Angry Birds games though, they also have a handful of other games that are launched under one of their publishing companies, like Tiny Thief which was launched under Rovio Stars for example. Their newest title to date launches under their LVL11 publishing brand, and it's a little bit nostalgic for some of us that may have dug a little too deep into Flappy Bird when it was still available on the Play Store. It's called Retry, and if you think that's a weird name for a game you'll find out why they chose it in just a minute. It's actually kind of clever, and it makes perfect sense because retrying is exactly what you'll be doing. Many, many, many times over,

Retry is a game, at its core, about dodging obstacles as you try to progress through to the end of the stage. It's not quite like flappy bird as there's actually more involved than simply tapping the screen to stay in between the pillars, you're steering a plane that is out of control and not only are there stationary obstacles but some of the pillars and other things move, the video displays certain parts of stages include wind gusts to push you backward, which ultimately will also change your course a little bit. Hang in there and you'll stay on track though, even if you have to "retry" the level a few times before you make it.

Rovio and LVL11 describe it in the best way possible. Fly, Crash, Repeat. Retry features awesome retro 8-Bit graphics that will take you back to the old days at the arcade, helped along by the collection of coins and the sweet synthesized soundtrack that only a retro game from the days of the first consoles and arcade machines could provide. Retry may be difficult at first, but with a little practice and determination to master the moves of the best pilot this side of the skies, you can dominate the stages and even pass up your friends. Retry is free, if you fancy giving it a try hit the Play Store link for the download.

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