On Rogers And Having Problems Activating Your Note 4? You're Not Alone

It appears that a lot of Rogers customers are up in arms on Twitter today, and for good reason. Rogers customers who had pre-ordered their Note 4 were supposed to be able to get the device and get it activated on Rogers' network today, unfortunately it seems that's not the case. Rogers is having quite a bit of trouble getting the Note 4's activated on their network which means no Note 4's for paying customers today like they were promised.

This may not seem like a big deal but if you pre-order and pay for a device then you definitely have a reason to feel entitled to have the device activated when you receive it. Rogers has told Mobile Syrup the following, "We apologize to any of our customers who are unable to get their Samsung Galaxy Note 4 today. We're experiencing technical issues processing hardware upgrades for the Note 4 and will have this resolved by tomorrow - the issue doesn't affect new customers." So new customers should still be able to get their shiny new Note 4's today, existing customers are not so lucky. You guys will apparently have to wait until sometime tomorrow before you are able to get your Note 4's activated, a real shame.

Situations like this seem to happen every once and a while with the carriers so don't take it personally Rogers customers, most of us have been there. Carriers are actually quite notorious for messing things like this up, people getting pre-ordered devices weeks after regular folks got theirs, devices being ordered and later finding out the carrier cancelled the order, just all sorts of inconvenient things. Needless to say, customers always deserve some small compensation in these cases. We at Android Headlines really hope that Rogers steps up to the plate and gives Note 4 owners some sort of compensation for not getting their devices when they were promised they would. Even something as simple as a $5 Google Play Store credit can satisfy a disgruntled customer. Either way, if Rogers speaks publicly about the situation at any point in the near future, we will let you know what they said and what it means for you as a Rogers subscriber.

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