Powerful PhotoMath App Is On Its Way To Android


Apps that help students with their homework are a very good thing to have included in any ecosystem of apps, and today iOS and Windows Phone both get a great one, Android comes later. The app is called PhotoMath and it’s designed to help both children and adults with subject that people struggle with the most in the world, Math. The app is so good it can even do all of your math homework for you, a pretty controversial ability.

How the PhotoMath app works is actually very simple and easy. All the user has to do is open the app and point their camera at an equation in a book or on a piece of paper and the app will solve it instantly. It’s that quick and painless. But here’s the best part, not only will the PhotoMath app solve the equation for you, but it will also show you step by step how it got to that answer. That’s right, for the first time an app will actually help you learn by showing you step by step how to solve equations instead of just getting an answer, nobody learns from that.

On the other hand, we can see this app becoming a major issue in the classroom. Imagine kids taking out their smartphones and using this app on a test or even their homework. Now the whole “show your work” concept won’t be able to stop kids from using something like this to cheat, PhotoMath will do that for you too. There really is no way to control this other than teachers having to pay a bit more attention to their kids and what they are doing in the classroom. Unfortunately, once kids are at home there is no way for teachers to stop them from using the app on their homework. We will just have to see how this one pans out over the next 6 months. If you struggle with math and have an iOS or Windows Phone device then you should download PhotoMath immediately. But Please use the app to actually learn how to do the math, don’t use it to cheat on something you don’t understand. And as for Android users, the developer has given us a release window of “early 2015”, so we are stuck playing the waiting game for the time being.