Paranoid Android 4.6 Beta 5 Playful Pitaya Release is All About the DSB

The crack team at Paranoid Android headquarters is at it again with another release of the popular custom ROM today with version 4.6 Beta 5, code named Playful Pitaya.  This release isn't so much about brand new features or cool new visual tweaks to the UI as we've seen in the past, rather it's about making a certain subsystem of the phone better than ever.  DSB, or the audio handler part of your phone, is what's prominently featured in this release, but it's more of a power user tool than something your every day user might get enjoyment out of.  Audiophiles definitely need apply here because the settings for DSB are performance related, and should help to bring higher quality audio from your phone to your audio mixing unit, whether it be in your home or your car.

Besides fixing some bugs that had been brought up in the DSB subsystem, there's now a new experimental DSB frequency setting that ramps up the performance of your audio output.  To access this you'll need to do a bit of old school Linux style terminal commands on your computer with your phone plugged in and set to USB debugging mode.  If you want to give it a shot run the command adb shell su -c 'settings put system experimental_dsb_frequency 2' from a folder with the ADB program installed.  The default value is 2 for DSB frequency, anything lower will be slower and it caps out at 20.  No telling what sort of horrors you'll unleash on your ears if you attempt to go beyond that frequency but the Paranoid Android team is warning against it.  Oh and make sure not to go into negative numbers, you'll probably suck yourself into an abyss or something.

Outside of that we're seeing some better flow control for Paranoid Android's excellent dynamic system bars, making the transistion from color to color better and smoother.  We're also looking at some theme engine changes and tweaks, as well as some device specific code updates for the OnePlus One.  Head on over to the Paranoid Android Website to download your very own copy of the custom ROM, and as always happy flashing!

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