Oppo's N3 Could Feature Motorized 'Smart Rotating Camera'; Gets Shown Off on Video


If there's one thing that these Chinese OEMs are really good at, it's building up hype. Say what you want about OPPO and OnePlus, it's hard to deny they know how to get people salivating. OPPO have been showing just how good they are at building hype over the past couple of weeks by teasing fans and would-be purchasers with little tidbits about the upcoming N3, the successor the N1 which was one of the more unique devices of the last couple of years thanks to its rotating camera. There's a number of reasons the N1 was popular in Asia, chief among them the large 5.9-inch display and a rotating camera that ensures high-quality selfies every time. With the N3, it looks like OPPO is about to push their killer feature one step further.

OPPO's CEO, Chenming Yong, has shared the below video of the N3's rotating camera on his official Weibo account and it looks like the N3 might be a lot smarter than the N1. It seems as if the N3 might feature a camera that's attached to a tiny motor as the video doesn't show any hands moving the camera's lens and it looks fairly robotic to us. Having said that, I would take that little piece of info with a good shaking of salt as it'd be pretty difficult to put a motor in such a thin device. That, and a motor is one big moving part just waiting to fail. Of course, what else could a "smart rotating camera" mean other than some sort of robotic movement?


It's more than likely that the N3 is to feature a standard camera that rotates when moved around by the user and that the 'smart' side of things is going to be all about auto selfies and that sort of thing. Still, anything that OPPO can do to make the camera experience easier on their devices would be pretty nice as in the past their devices have featured some decent hardware and we're sure the N3 isn't going to be any different.

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