OnePlus to Partner with JBL for a New Product, Unveiling Coming October 13th

oneplus jbl speaker

OnePlus is a company that, so far historically, loves to make partnerships with other companies.  Its first product, the OnePlus One, garnered huge attention for a number of reasons, but one of the biggest was that it partnered with CyanogenMod to bring the world’s most used custom ROM to their phone right out of the box without any modifications.  Now it looks like OnePlus is making a new partnership for another new product, this time it’s JBL and it looks like it’s definitely got something to do audio given the giant speaker on the front of OnePlus’s Chinese website.  As you can see in the image above the site features a large pulsating speaker with a countdown to October 13th at 11:30AM Beijing time.

The assumption here is that it’s some sort of bluetooth speaker given that OnePlus recently released their own headphones.  OnePlus has been trying to get into the accessory game ever since it launched the OnePlus one and has had issues with manufacturing nearly every product it’s announced.  From the short supply of the OnePlus One and the Silver Bullet Headphones, to the outright cancellation of the StyleSwap backs for the OnePlus One because of manufacturing issues, we’re hoping that JBL can help them out with manufacturing and actually make a OnePlus product available readily for customers.

JBL has recently partnered with HTC on the Butterfly 2 in regards to the speakers after the fallout with Beats Audio.  The Butterfly 2 features JBL Boom Sound speakers to enhance the sound coming from the phone and is HTC’s replacement for the Beats Audio Boom Sound speakers featured on the original HTC One M7.  It’s not likely that this has to do with another phone since OnePlus is still busy with the One’s manufacturing.  Just a few days and we’ll find out for sure!