OnePlus One Pre-orders Now Open For Just One Hour

OnePlus One out1

OnePlus One pre-orders are now open! For the next hour, you can pre-order a One for yourself. OnePlus One pre-orders are open from 8am-9am Pacific Standard Time. That’s 11am-12pm Eastern Standard Time. OnePlus says that they are taking any and all pre-orders for the One during this time. We are expecting them to get a lot of pre-orders. If they do they may have to move shipping dates back, but they are not going to turn anyone away during this time.

The OnePlus One pre-order page went live yesterday. The company let you log in and set your shipping address and payment information, and even select the accessories you wanted to add to your order. If you did that, you are all set and now all you have to do is place your order. This whole pre-order is a welcome move. OnePlus have been working with an invite system until now. That invite-only purchase system has not made many people happy, but now everyone will be able to pre-order the phone as long you do it before the order window closes.

If you haven’t pre-registered for this pre-order, you’ll need to create a OnePlus account first. Then head over to the pre-order page and place your order. This pre-order is available to users in the USA, Canada, UK, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan and Hong Kong. If you’re not a resident of one those countries, you’re out of luck. You’ll have to wait until OnePlus comes to your country. If you have a friend or family member that lives in one of those 16 countries, you can get them to order the phone for you. Then they can ship it to you themselves. You may also be able to find the phone through a third-party reseller, but you’re likely to pay a premium for that.

A couple of us own the OnePlus One and love it. The company has had a rocky start, though. We won’t deny that. Are you going to pre-order a OnePlus One?