OnePlus Offer Discounted Accessories Including JBL Earphones When Pre-Ordering The One

one preorder screenshot accessories

If you have spent the last couple of months waiting for an invite to buy the OnePlus One then you will probably already know that the device goes live for ‘normal’ pre-orders on Monday. If you do plan to buy the OnePlus Flagship Killer, do remember that the live pre-order is only available for one hour, 3pm to 4pm GMT. That’s UK time for those that don’t know. During this hour you will be able to purchase the one with no invite needed. The latest news is this morning OnePlus has opened a “Prepare My Pre-Order” page for which you can literally pre-order your pre-order. You might think what’s the point but like the pre-registration we have seen recently for Xiaomi’s Redmi 1S devices it may be beneficial to do this before the sale starts. The sale is only on for one hour and you never know how busy or how limited stock could be…especially with OnePlus. To prepare your order you do need to open an account with OnePlus and sign-in via this link.

BUT the real interesting bit is that during the pre-order stage it seems OnePlus are offering those who buy the One on Monday all of the accessories at a discounted price. This also includes the accessories which are still listed as ‘Coming soon” like the new JBL earphones. They are currently listed at $39.99 but via the pre-order link you will be able to add these to your order for $24.99. Similarly, the recently sold out Silver Bullet earphones which we reviewed are discounted from $14.99 down to $12.74. This is probably not so good news for those of us who already own the One as it does not seem that we cannot purchase the accessories at the discounted price in spite of already purchasing the One. If you factor in that OnePlus charge $8 just for shipping the Silver Bullets. Then by tagging them to your pre-order you are only paying $4 more for the actual earphones then those who ordered two weeks ago paid for shipping alone. It is also worth noting that the Bamboo swap covers have not been included in the accessories list.

So who is going to order a One on Monday? Will you be tagging on any of the accessories shown above? Current One owners? How do you feel about the newbies getting a discount on the accessories that you too will be buying at full price?