OnePlus Offer An Apology For Yesterday's OnePlus One Sale

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OnePlus, the makers of the OnePlus One have offered an apology for the way in which yesterday’s no-invite sale happened. For those of you that don’t know yesterday was the first real opportunity for customers to purchase the One without the need for an invite. With the opportunity to finally buy a One it was assumed that a large number of customers would take up the opportunity. After all, the One is a high spec device at half of the cost of many of its relative counterparts. That said, it seems the number of people queueing up for what was essentially a flash sale was even greater than OnePlus had anticipated. The sheer load of simultaneous users overwhelmed the OnePlus servers forcing the site to constantly collapse. Those trying to buy the one faced an inability to log-in, checkout and various 404 errors.

The sale was only supposed to be active for one hour and in fairness to OnePlus they did seem to realize quite early on that their servers were being overwhelmed. In an attempt to quell the incoming swelling they immediately announced during the sale that they would extend the sale for a further two hours (three hours in total). However, this did not seem to make much difference with the servers seemingly overwhelmed for the entire three hours. Well, its been 24 hours since the sale and now the OnePlus team have made a public apology albeit in the form of one of their now-typical forum announcements. The post acknowledged that they (and their servers) had not expected the collapse as it happened, stating “This is certainly not how we wanted to kick off our first ever pre-order”.

The post also advised that they had put in place dedicated servers to try and deal with the large influx in spite of it still collapsing. In a bid to offer some form of recourse to those who inevitably were not able to order their One, OnePlus announced they will do it all over again on November 17th. Yes, on the 17th starting at 3pm GMT (UK time) there will be another opportunity to again buy the One without an invite. It is worth remembering though that these sales are actually only for pre-orders and not shipping sales. As such and in spite of making an order you still may end up waiting some time. Users were noted yesterday reporting through various social networks that their estimated delivery times quoted by OnePlus were in the region of four to five weeks. So just because you make an order on the 17th you still may end up waiting some time to receive the device. Did you try and order the One yesterday? how did it go? Let us know as we’d love to hear your thoughts.