OnePlus to Finally Begin Pre-Orders on October 27th

OnePlus One logo camera

Well well well, what have we here?  It looks like an official date for pre-orders for the rather elusive unicorn called the OnePlus One, and it’s really soon too.  In just 6 days and change, OnePlus will finally be able to sell the One to more people than their invite system has allowed in the past, and that’s a great thing for any consumer that’s able to get their hands on the phone in whatever way they can.  Up to this point since the OnePlus One launched in late April, only people who have received (or purchased on eBay) an invite from the company have been able to order the phone, leading many to become frustrated with OnePlus’s manufacturing process and availability timeline.  Now it looks like the company is finally working to rectify that situation.

Head on over to the official OnePlus One pre-order site below to get your account ready and all your info filled in before the pre-orders go live so that you can avoid those unnecessary delays when dealing with a system like this.  Make sure your Paypal address matches, as you’ll only be able to buy the phone through Paypal and if your address or any other information doesn’t match what’s stored on OnePlus’s servers you could have issues come launch day.  Once pre-orders commence the phone is likely to sell out very quickly, but it looks like OnePlus will be holding a running queue for those who get their name in the system, and once supply becomes available they will ship the phone out as soon as possible.

Once again OnePlus is using this as an inventory guideline to order more parts as it sees necessary so it doesn’t have additional inventory taking up space and costing extra money for the fledgling company.  Those with invites will be able to skip the line too, so if you get an invite from OnePlus or someone else while waiting for your pre-order to ship you can use it to skip the line and get the device ASAP.  Even having finally started some sort of general availability nearly 6 months after the announcement and subsequent launch of the device, the OnePlus One remains one of the best phones that you’ll hopefully be able to buy, and at a price that makes everything else on the market look like overpriced brand-name clothing.  Still this is one more mark in the company’s long-irritating history for many, and without actual general availability this holiday season we’re likely not going to see a ton of people with the device, even though that’s what should be happening if OnePlus could ever get their act together!