Now Can You Attend Meetings On Your Watch With GoToMeeting

How many times have you been running late for a meeting this year? Loads! Yeah, I know how you feel. Leave home with plenty of time. Know how long it will take to drive to the destination. How long before to arrive. How long the predictable Starbucks queue will be on-route. Yet, over and over again find myself running into the meeting looking far worse than when I left home...and also now with coffee spills all over. Oh wait! Did you say you're never late! Oh, right. You use GoToMeetings. Gotcha.

Yes if the name alone doesn't suggest what GoToMeetings does then in short it is software that allows users to effectively log-in to a meeting remotely. Although its similar to Skype and Hangouts (and the rest), GoToMeeting is specifically aimed towards on-the-go users. It also seems a little more polished for meetings with better integration for documents, alerts for upcoming meetings, ability to view presentations, mockups and reports and so on. In short it feels more business(ie) so to speak. Not to mention the name is more business-esque like a strict parent "Go To Meeting". In contrast names like 'Skype' (and especially) 'Hangouts' tends to illicit a friendlier and less work-like feeling. Anyway, this is what GoToMeeting does. As long as you have your mobile phone (or tablet) wherever you are you can attend the meeting. The organiser simply sets up the meeting, hits send and all the recipients (attendees) receive notifications and the meeting begins.

However it now seems GoToMeeting is the latest to get the Android Wear update. Yep, the update hit yesterday and if you haven't guessed yet with the new update you no longer even need your mobile phone. Now you can attend your meeting on your watch. In principle this sounds rather strange and it would probably be rather weird watching someone in Starbucks 'attending' a meeting on their watch. Nevertheless as Android Wear continues to highlight - its uses are endless. When all is said and done and no matter how strange it might look if you really do need to attend a meeting (virtually) then this is certainly a solution. In reality it is probably also a lot easier than having your phone out on the table throughout the meeting. The only issue now is that there really is no excuse for missing a meeting. You can say you missed the train, got lost, forgot your phone, but it's a little harder to say you forgot your watch. If you are a GoToMeeting user then update now and if you are new to it and have a smartwatch then why not give it a try. Either way, it's available in the Play Store, is free and available on all Android device 4.0 and higher. The developers do also recommend devices with a 1 GHz (or higher) processor.

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