Nova BLOX External Battery can Charge your Devices Super Quickly


What's the worst thing that can happen while you're out traveling?  You can probably think of a few pretty awful things, but it's likely that having your smartphone die on you in the middle of nowhere ranks pretty high on the list of most people's worries while traveling. So what's a person to do to counteract this fear of being without your gadgets due to dead batteries? There are a couple options, like spare batteries and battery packs. Carrying additional batteries with you can be costly, and with them being so small and slim it's pretty easy to lose them too, so why not pack in a rechargeable battery pack with you instead?  Juno Power is here to save the day with its latest Nova BLOX product line, which packs a 4,000mAh battery in a small and efficient 5oz package.  This isn't just a giant battery for your phone, it's a charger that's guaranteed to charge that phone quicker than most off-the-shelf chargers thanks to its powerful 2.1A USB port, and with 4,000mAh of battery capacity it's likely to charge your phone at least 1 and a half times over before needing to be charged itself again.

The Nova BLOX unit isn't so small that you'll lose it like a battery, but at 5oz and only about the size of your palm it's not giant either, and it definitely won't be tripping the extra baggage amount sensor at the airport.  Juno Power is citing at least an extra 12 hours of talk time for most smartphones, with more depending on your device and battery size of course.  The Nova BLOX series comes in a range of colors nearly guaranteed to go well with your phone colors as well, coming in black, silver and gold like many smartphones nowadays.  Amazon is carrying all three colors right now for $25.99 a piece, which is a fantastic value considering it'll work for any device that recharges with a USB cable instead of having to buy a bunch of different batteries for each device.  Check out the Black, Silver and Gold colors at Amazon if you're interested in picking one up!



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