Notifications On Google Glass Will Prohibit Notifications On Android Wear

While this isn't going to affect the greater population of Android Wear users, those that use Android Wear and Google Glass will want to pay attention. As some of you may have already heard, Google Glass was scheduled to get an upcoming XE update to version XE22, which would bring along the capability to receive your Android smartphone notifications on Google Glass. What a fantastic idea, and thank god it's finally here, because it just makes sense right? Sure it does, it's a great feature to have and if you're already wearing your pair of Glass, any incoming notifications would be extremely easy to see being right in front of your face.

While having notifications on Glass is all well and good, it appears that the XE22 update causes an issue with the connection of Android Wear devices to the same smartphone that is connected up to Google Glass. In short, you can't have both Google Glass and Android Wear connected to the same device simultaneously after the XE22 update that brings in notification compatibility, if you want your notifications to be sent to Glass. Rather it doesn't disconnect Android Wear from your smartphone, but it will end the syncing of notifications. In its entirety, the XE22 update won't allow for notifications to go to both an Android Wear smartwatch and Google Glass at the same time. While that is disappointing, that shouldn't be a huge shock. However, it should be something that is possible to enable and not having them pop up in both spots should be at the user's discretion.

In addition to disallowing the notifications coming through to both devices, it appears that if you have notifications sent to Google Glass, it also completely cuts off the functionality of any app on your Android Wear smartwatch that needs a data connection to work. That means no Google Now cards, Music Controls, Notes, etc. For now it seems that using notifications with both devices will have to be limited to switching back and forth at the appropriate times, which will of course be the user that decides when that is. Hopefully this is something that Google sees fit to change in the next XE update for Glass, but for now it seems any Explorers who also use an Android Wear smartwatch will have to pick and choose. It should also be noted that if you initiate notifications to happen on Glass, moving them back to your Android Wear device requires you to open up the Android Wear companion app and re-pair by using the "pair with new device" option. Not terribly difficult, but certainly inconvenient if you're doing this constantly. Personally, I would continue having the notifications go to my Moto 360 so any other connection reliant functions could still work. Any Glass Explorers out there having this issue? Feel free to comment on our G+ post with your thoughts.

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