Nexus 9 Official Cases Hit Google Play Ranging From $39 to $129


Now that the Nexus 6 and 9 have hit Google Play and pre-orders are open I guess you are all busy ordering them. If after their high prices you still have some cash left over you might want to think about accessories. It seems two accessories have already made their way on to Play so if you haven't made the purchase yet then time to add them on.

Both the accessories are for the Nexus 9 (that's the tablet one in case you don't know). First up is the keyboard folio case which we spoke about  a couple of days ago. In short this is a case which as you would expect protects the device while not-in-use. However, it also doubles when opened into a full keyboard. Features noted in the listing are the case folds into two angels (one for viewing and one for working). As you would expect the device uses Bluetooth to pair with your Nexus but can also use NFC. The case weighs 344g, only available in black leather and comes with a pre-set Google search key. According to the Play listing "Closed, it protects your Nexus 9. Opened, it becomes a responsive mechanical keyboard." The only last thing to note is the cost which currently is coming in at $129.00


Next up is another case dubbed the Nexus 9 Cover although unlike the last one this case does not offer a keyboard. Instead, it doubles as a stand for the device and can be used (as a stand) in multiple variations allowing for different viewing angles. Unlike the last case this one attaches to the Nexus magnetically. However, one really interesting feature noted on the listing is in terms of the camera. Unlike other cases where the case has a cut out slit for the camera this one does not and instead the case completely covers the camera. However, the case has a small fold down flap at the top left corner which allows for quick exposing of the camera when needed, but also protection when not in use. Clever! This one is available in four colours including Black, Lime Stone, Coral Amethyst and Mint Indigo. According to the listing "Stay comfortable with different viewing angles no matter where you're working or playing". Other than that again the only thing to report on is the price which currently is set at $39.99. Both offerings are official Nexus products and both are listed currently as 'coming soon'. When soon is, is not so clear but you can bet your bottom dollar it will be very soon. Any takers? Which case will you go for? Let us know?

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