Nexus 9 Accessories Begin Appearing on Amazon

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I think it’s appropriate to use the itshappening.gif here, right? Well a redditor was able to find a few Google Nexus 9 accessories on Amazon that are already up for sale. Now there will likely be a bunch of others showing up in the next few hours and days, once the Nexus 9 is made official. But for now we have this Tri-Fold Book Cover Case for the Nexus 9 from ProCase. Which is selling for $6.99, along with $5 for shipping. Which isn’t bad at all. This one appears to only be available in blue right now, Which kinda sucks, especially if you wanted a black or red one. But I’m sure more colors will be available soon.

Next up is the IVSO Ultra-Thin Slim Smart Cover Case. Now it does have a Nexus 7 in the picture, but it’s supposedly for the Nexus 9. We’ll have to wait and see if the dimensions line up once we have that information from Google. This one is available in black, red, green, blue and white. So plenty of color choices here. This one is $5.90 plus another $5.95 for shipping. Which still isn’t bad, especially if you look at the cost of accessories from Google for Nexus devices in the past. I’m sure they’ll have some cool stuff though.

We’ll likely see plenty of other accessories really soon for Nexus 9. Hopefully Google will be announcing the Nexus 9, Nexus 6 and Android L in just a few hours. It feels like Christmas morning here at Android Headlines, and we’re definitely excited to see what Google has to show us.