Nexus 6 CPU-Z Specifications Leak, Snapdragon 805 And 3GB Of RAM In Tow


Google will soon launch a new iteration of company's Nexus smartphone and a tablet. We've seen many leaks thus far regarding both of these devices. Everything points to Motorola and HTC to manufacture these devices, Motorola will reportedly manufacture the Nexus phone while HTC will deal with the tablet. Let's focus on the smartphone though, Nexus 6 aka Motorola Shamu. Just a few days ago we've seen leaked Geekbench benchmarks of this device and this time around we have some CPU-Z screenshots to share with you.

These screenshots come from Twitter account @r0fl. The screenshots say that the device will sport Qualcomm's Snapdragon 805 quad-core processor clocked at 2.65Ghz is listed along with the Adreno 420 GPU which comes with this chip. 3GB of RAM will also be apart of this package it seems, as expected. Android "L" is mentioned as the OS (of course) and it is numbered as the version 5.0. So, if these screenshots are real, Android "L" will in fact be 5.0 version of Android and not 4.5 as some were assuming.


Let's focus on the 560 DPI part for a bit. You might recall that we've seen a leaked GFXBench scores of the alleged Nexus 6 device which listed 5.2-inch display for the device, that might not be the case though. These calculations were based on DPI, which can be changed from the build.prop file. PPI however is not shown in these screenshots so we really can't say for sure. The Nexus 5 has PPI of 445 and runs on 480 DPI by defaults, we're talking about a 4.95-inch panel. If we increase the resolution and the screen size, 560 DPI matches up with a 5.9-inch display that was rumored for the Nexus 6. Keep in mind we're talking about a QHD panel here. This might suit some of you, but it seems odd Google wants to release a 5.9-inch Nexus device. I still hope we'll see a 5.2-inch one or at least two different models, how about you? Would you like a Nexus 6 phablet or would you, like me, prefer the pocket-friendly size of this device?

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