New Head of Google+ Says the Social Network Isn't Going Anywhere

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Earlier this year, when Google+'s product lead Vic Gundotra left the company, we started seeing reports that Google+ was dead, and that it'd go the way of Buzz real soon. Many of us here at Android Headlines didn't believe that. Seeing as they've integrated Google+ with just about everything, even Android. So it wouldn't be as easy to get rid of as other social network projects they've had in the past. They had also sunk way to much money into Google+ to allow it to die off just like that. David Besbris is the new head of Google+ at Google, and he sat down with Re/Code recently to talk about all kinds of things.

Re/Code asked: Is Google+ going away anytime soon?


"We're actually very happy with the progress of Google+. [CEO Larry Page] said this at the time that Vic transitioned – that he's going to continue working on building this stuff, that he's very happy with it. The company is behind it. I have no idea where these rumors come from, to be honest with you."

Re/Code also asked: Of all the social products you have, where does Google+ fall in terms of your priority list?

"Very high. Photos, Hangouts, Google+ – I'd say these are my top three priorities. The Google+ app you see out there today is used by hundreds of millions of users, it's actually something I use every single day with my friends and family and my interests, talking about photography and my unnatural affection for little squirrels and things like that. So I'm a passionate user of these things."

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They talked about a ton of other things together as well. You can check out the full interview on Re/Code's website by hitting the source link down below. How many of you really thought that Google+ would be going away anytime soon?