Nest Acquires Revolv: Your Smart Home Just Became Smarter!

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A Google-owned company Nest has recently announced a new acquisition to their growing base of clever household items.  These intuitive products include a thermostat that learns the household’s favoured temperature on a daily basis, programs itself and is controlled by a mobile phone; and a caring smoke and carbon monoxide alarm that speaks to the occupants of the home giving them vital information about a potential emergency.  Interestingly, because the speaking products are sold all over Europe, they will even speak the language of the country in which it is installed.  The smoke and carbon monoxide alarm will even send a message to a phone or tablet, relaying details of a problem in the home.

Providing customers with a range of clever, energy-saving products, it’s no surprise that Nest has branched out to acquire a Colorado-based company called Revolv.  Revolv is one of the first ‘Work With Nest’ program partners and says it has been inspired by Nest since its foundation and is “thrilled to be part of the Nest family.”  While it didn’t sound like Nest could get any better, its acquisition of Revolv will allow for home automation for customers already using a number of connected automated products.  The Revolv hub connects all devices together and allows the user to manage everything from one place.  Revolv allows multiple phones to connect with the smart hub, allowing users to check the status of one another, whether they’re in or out of the home.

In mid-2014 Revolv announced the release of an Android app as a simple and powerful solution for controlling all clever home devices.  The app allows control over a number of connected home devices, regardless of brand or protocol, including lights, locks, thermostats, sensors, outlets, speakers and switches.  It allows for automatic temperature control, light control and even unlocks the doors just as occupants arrive home.  The Revolv app allows continuous control and monitoring over the home regardless of where the occupant may be. Existing Revolv customers are still able to use the Revolv hub service and have continued support.  New customers will experience the new empowered Nest ecosystem when it goes live on 27 October.