Need a Cheap Game? Google Play Offering 99 Games For 99 Cents Each

Everyone loves a bargain right? That's why the OnePlus One has done so well, a good spec product for a cheap price. Bargain right! And of course everyone loves when Amazon dishes out free coins like there is no tomorrow. Bargain right! Well, it now looks like Google's Play Store is looking to off-load a few bargain games. To be fair it's more like a bargain bucket than a bargain itself. You know, like those baskets at the supermarkets and gas stations with a bunch of DVD's dumped on top of each other. Most are pretty lame, a few Chuck Norris films and of course the obligatory Home Alone (first one). Well, like that, the Play Store seems to have a bargain bucket of its own and filled with a bunch of games to choose from.

In total there are 99 games available and all of them cost 99 cents each (see what they did there, clever huh). Now, like the bargain DVD bin you can be sure there will be a lot of clutter, with most of the games probably not of interest to you. It also could be argued a lot of them might not have even been as much as 99 cents to begin with. However, again like the bargain bin there are bound to be a few games worth a buck. Best of all you won't get your hands covered in dust and dirt from trawling through the depths of the basket. Not to mention that Google have even been kind enough to display all the games on a single page so there is no chance of causing RCS (repetitive click syndrome).

Obviously with 99 titles on offer it's a bit too much to list them all here for you...although I would if you asked me to. So instead will just give you a brief rundown of what might be worth it. First up is Slender Man. To be quite honest I bought this game last week through Amazon on sale for 99 cents so not sure how much of a bargain it is but either way it's a good and creepy game. Other notably titles include Monopoly (Millionaire edition, not the main game), Angry Birds Space (Premium), Asphalt 6: Adrenaline and Lego Star Wars. I started the list with a game I like so will finish it with another, The Room. This is another great game although pretty sure this has always been a dollar too. In fact, the more I look the more I recognize as being only a dollar anyway. Ah, the old bargain bin trick again. Well either way, if you like games under a dollar than at the very least Google have grouped them together for you in a tidy little single page. You can see the whole 99 for 99 cents list by clicking here. Happy rummaging!

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