Move, Eat Smaller Cells, And Grow In Felllice From BulkyPix

It's heading towards the weekend and that means that those of us that enjoy playing games might be looking for something to play this weekend. There are a good number of options for games that just recently dropped, and one of them comes from the developer BulkyPix. The game is called Felllice and it's a game about cells. The kind of cells that make up our body, and pretty much any other living organism. BulkyPix describes it as an interpretative simulation game of cell life, where you'll have to eat other cells to grow yourself and expand. There is an element of challenge here as you won't just encounter other cells that are your size and smaller.

In Felllice you'll constantly be coming in contact with other much larger cells than yourself, and if you touch them they'll toss you across the level and reduce your size back to normal. If this happens you'll have to start all over and begin eating other cells to grow, and grow, and grow until you reach the required size for stage completion. There really isn't much more to the game than that in terms of complexities. You eat smaller cells to grow, move across the stage, and avoid larger cells so you don't get reduced in size.

The gameplay might feel a tiny bit familiar if you have ever played Osmos HD, which has a similar style with the expansion of cells by absorbing other smaller or same size cells. There's quite a bit more to Osmos HD though. Felllice features a black and white flat design so the game is easy on the eyes, it also features 25 arena opponents and 5 different sound designs and relaxing ambient music to let you play the game at a less stressful pace. The gameplay is extremely minimalist here and if you're looking for something that you can play while doing other tasks, Felllice just might be the perfect fit. If you feel like giving this a try you can grab the download from the Play Store link, where Felllice will cost you $2.27 to download and install it.

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