Motorola Solutions Readying A Ruggedized Android Business Device

motorola solutions

Motorola is making another new Android device, but not the Motorola you are thinking of. Motorola Mobility is the company that recently released the new Moto X and partnered with Google to make the Nexus 6 that was announced yesterday. Motorola Inc. split into two companies back in January of 2011. Motorola Mobility is the smartphone manufacturer, while Motorola Solutions is the telecommunications and equipment side of the business. Motorola Solutions is making a new Android device that will be announced on October 21. It’s an Android device that is “fortified for the enterprise.” We don’t know much else at this point. All we have is this teaser video.

The video pans across what we presume to be the device in question. It’s labeled as an “all-touch mobile computer”, but the device in the video certainly looks like a smartphone. I don’t think we’re looking at a tablet, either. Because this is supposed to be a hardened enterprise device, we may be looking at a smartphone with the phone disabled, effectively giving us an Android PDA. One thing is certain; this device is not something you are going to find on the shelf at your local wireless carrier store.

Whatever it is, this thing will be announced on October 21 at an event put on by On24. The Motorola leadership team will be there, and some business speaker named Ryan Estis will be presenting “our latest mobile computer.” If any of this sounds remotely interesting to you, you can sign up for the event on this registration website. There’s going to be a live Q&A session after the event with giveaways and everything. Motorola wants us to “learn how our latest mobile computer is the smart way to build more flexible and efficient workflows in retail, manufacturing, and operations environments.” What do you think?