Motorola Reassures Customers That Moto, DROID And Pure Android Will Continue Under Lenovo


If you have been paying attention today then you will know that the big news is Motorola has finally and officially been acquired by Lenovo. The actual sale of Motorola occurred sometime ago, but it has taken up until now for the deal to be finalized and officially announced. However, that day has arrived and as we say goodbye to Google's Motorola we welcome Lenovo's Motorola. If you are a Motorola owner then you may be wondering what this will means for you. After all, Lenovo is a Chinese company and although they make there own smartphones, they do like to lather these with their own skins and UIs on top. In stark contrast, Motorola has done extremely well over recent times in re-branding and re-inserting themselves in the smartphone market. Part of their recent success was due to their ability to offer reasonably priced smartphones that are in essence close to stock android. This was not surprising with Google behind them but nevertheless Google are no longer there propping up the company and offering them a direct line to android.

So the question everyone will be interested to know is whether Motorola will now become more Lenovo-like? Well, according to Rick Osterloh (who is the president of Motorola Mobility) this is not something to worry about. Osterloh in a post today on the official Motorola blog looked to reassure current Motorola customers as well as those who may have recently been thinking about opting for Motorola, that very little will change. Osterloh does note that Motorola is now wholly owned by Lenovo but also stated that Lenovo will continue in the direction they have been going over the two years. In terms of Android, Osterloh notes that nothing will change and Motorola will continue to focus on "Pure Android and fast updates".


For those interested Osterloh also advises that both the Moto and DROID range of devices will also continue as they are, with no notable changes mentioned. Overall, the blog was certainly interested in making sure the products and services like Moto, DROID and pure android (which the company became known for) will continue. More specifically to reassure Motorola customers that they can expect Android 5.0 (Lollipop) to reach them sooner rather than later. Are you a Motorola customer? Were you worried about the announcement of Lenovo? Are you glad to hear your close-to-stock android will continue? Whatever you think let us know.

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