Motorola and HTC Smartphone Market Share Continues Dropping While Samsung And LG Make Gains


Every month we get the latest figures come through showing the trends, the ups and the downs in the smartphone market. The figures provided come from comScore and just to provide some quick background – the figures (although provided every month) cover the last three months (July through to August) compared to the previous three months. Lastly, the comScore figures are specific to the US market only. You can see last month's trends (covering April through to July) by reading our previous report from August.

Now, in terms of the bigger picture in the US (based on 174 million smartphone owners) Android (of course) again reigns supreme occupying 52% of the market. This is very slightly down from the previous quarter (ending May) when the three month average was noted as 52.1%. However, some fluctuation is always expected and to be fair it cannot fluctuate much less than 0.1% meaning that overall this was rather consistent, quarter on quarter. As you would expect in the US Apple was second in terms of platform use with 42% market share. Again this was rather consistent with the previous quarter (ending May) for which Apple occupied 41.9%. So in short Apple seemed to have picked up the 0.1% market share which Android dropped. In terms of the OEM market share (total smartphone subscribers) and again as expected in the US, Apple are on top with 42% (up from 41.9%). Before you ask this is not a typo – Apple's OEM and Platform shares were coincidentally identical for both quarters. However, what is more interesting is the division of the overall Android market share between the big Android OEMs. According to the August report both Samsung and LG made gains from the previous quarter. Samsung rose from a 27.8% market share up to 28.9% showing more than 1% increase from the previous quarter. Likewise (albeit not as significant) LG rose from 6.5% to 6.7% over the two quarters.


In contrast to the gainers both Motorola and HTC saw significant (relatively speaking) drops in their market share. Motorola dropped from 6.3% down to 5.4% highlighting almost a 1% drop quarter on quarter. HTC although also dropping did not drop as much with their share reducing from 5.1% down to 4.5%. Now in last month's report both Motorola and HTC did also show a decline in usage (as this LG) although none of their drops was as much as Motorola's this time round. As these figures run to the end of August it will be interesting to see what the next couple of comScore reports show as these will include September and October and the launch of all the OEMs new devices. Will Motorola and HTC continue their decline? Tune in next month for the next episode of OEM Scores.


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