Moto X (2014) Finally lands in the UK – For £395

Motorola AH 233


The Moto X (2014) has been available in the US for a couple of weeks now. But now our friends across the pond can get their hands on the all new Moto X as well. And it’ll cost them just £395. UK Retailer, Unlocked Mobiles says that they have the phone in stock for purchase. However, there is a catch. It’s very limited supply. So it’s going to be tough to get one before they run out. The SIM-Free Moto X from Unlocked Mobile is only available in Black Resin right now and will cost you £395.

However, Amazon UK is also expected to have the device in stock pretty soon. With it shipping on October 7th. The Black Resin will cost you £420 there. The black leather will be about £440. And I’d recommend the leather one, as I really liked the review unit Motorola gave me, which was the leather one. The Moto X has been selling out pretty quick here in the US, with the Verizon variant selling out just a few days after becoming available. So far we’ve got a AT&T, Verizon and an unlocked Moto X variant here in the US. Motorola did say there’s no Sprint variant, unfortunately.

Motorola did begin selling phones in the UK again – a place where they’ve been absent from for quite some time – however, they only have the Moto G (2014) available right now. Which is still a great device, and one I’d recommend to anyone looking for a cheap device. Hopefully Motorola will start selling the Moto X over there soon. As Motorola did tell us that MotoMaker will be available over there as well. Which is a big deal, considering last year’s phone only had MotoMaker in the US for quite a while.

How many of our friends in the UK are planning on picking up a Moto X soon? Let us know in the comments below.