Moto 360 On Sale Today In India Exclusively Via Flipkart


Since the launch of the Moto 360, Motorola's smartwatch has been hugely in demand. The device initially sold out on Google's Play Store on pre-orders alone. Following this, limited restocking on both the Play Store and at Best Buy again led to the device being sold out in the US. As of now the device seems to be in stock and being maintained at a sufficient level. It is worth noting though that this only applies to the US. The device has yet to get significant stock launches in other countries.

We reported yesterday that the Moto 360 was now in stock in the UK via the UK network carrier, O2 and was available with next day shipping. It now seems the device is due for an imminent release in India. A tweet sent out this morning (see image below) by Motorola India clearly states that the device will go on sale today in India from 12pm. The message also clearly suggests that this will be an exclusive to Flipkart launch and as such won't be available via other retailers in the country. If you are interested in buying the device then it will cost Rs 17,999 which equates to roughly $292. This means along with the UK pricing both are priced higher than in the US which has the smartwatch on sale for $250.


It is currently not known what availability of stock is on offer today or whether this will be a limited or flash sale. The Moto 360 listing on Flipkart actually started yesterday although details of stock were not given. Even today after the tweet from Motorola was sent, the Flipkart listing is still stating 'Coming Soon' suggesting at 12pm this will rather quickly change to 'In-stock'. With that in mind, if you are thinking about purchasing the Moto 360 in India it is seriously advisable to buy as early as possible. If previous indications are anything to go by and coupled with the lack of stock information it is quite possible the Moto 360 will go out of stock today in India so you have been warned. To recap, if you are interested then 12pm is the time, Rs 17,999 is the price and Flipkart is the place.


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