Microsoft Is working on An Android Wear Keyboard, Yes Really!

microsoft android wear keyboard

So this news caught me by surprise, and will probably surprise the rest of you as well. But yes, Microsoft is working on an Android Wear keyboard, it’s called “Analog” at least for now. There’s a video down below that shows how the keyboard is working, at least for now – because things do change. Basically the way it works is you have a small section for you to hand write letters. Then there is a backspace on the left and a space on the right. So you are handwriting each letter individually, which can get a bit annoying, but it looks like the more you do it, the faster you can go as you’ll get used to it which is nice. We’ve seen other keyboards come to Android Wear, like Fleksy, but they haven’t been all that popular. Now if Microsoft’s keyboard can come to Android Wear and dominate, that would be really interesting.

I know a lot of people are not too excited for a keyboard on Android Wear, but it is nice to be able to either type a message out or speak it. Sometimes the message your sending, you don’t want everyone around you to know what it says. Or maybe you do. But then you also don’t want to take out your phone to type the message. Especially if you’ve got a whale like the Nexus 6.

Android Wear is really starting to pick up steam now with new apps coming out. It’ll be interesting to see what other companies start developing for Android Wear. It’s nice to see Microsoft around, but what about Facebook? Or another big company that has a popular app already on Android? How many of you would use this Microsoft keyboard on your Android Wear smartwatch, if it actually worked as great as in the video below? Let us know in the comments down below.