Meizu: Ubuntu Touch Landing On Meizu MX4 In December

AH Meizu MX4 4 Logo


Meizu’s MX4 flagship has been launched at the beginning of last month and the device is selling like hotcakes. People around the world have ordered (and many of them already received) Meizu’s flagship. It seems like Meizu will soon get an interesting software offering. Meizu, Bq and Canonical announced their partnership a while ago and it was just a matter of time before we see Ubuntu on Meizu, that’s at least what everyone was guessing at the time.

Meizu Italian blog revealed that Ubuntu Touch system will launch on Meizu MX4 later this fall, quite probably December. Ubuntu developers are working to promote an RTM (release to manufacturing) version of this operating system and ti seems like they’re almost ready. We’ve already seen Ubuntu demoed on Nexus devices and it is still available for select Google devices, you can get more information regarding installing it here. “Under the request of some fans that have contacted Canonical, they assured us that from December would be available on Ubuntu Touch Meizu MX4 with MediaTek SoC MT 6595. Still no details regarding the variant ‘pro’ of the device, which should be announced in the coming weeks, but we feel pretty confident in saying that the OS will be developed for it, with the timing probably a little more dilated.” says Meizu Italian blog. This translation has been provided by Softpedia. Meizu MX4 might be a great device for Ubuntu Touch to spread its wings, we’ll find out soon it seems.

We all know how hard it is for “new” operating systems to catch on, I believe Ubuntu Touch will have the same problem. Desktop version of this operating system has been used by many people all around the world, me included. I’ve been using Ubuntu for a while now and to tell you the truth, I really like it. The OS runs fine and does everything I need it to without a problem. Of course, you get a far better program support on Mac or Windows, Ubuntu is not meant to compete with those OS offerings in no way. As I said, I doubt Ubuntu Touch will catch on like Canonical would like it to, but we’ll see. Your thoughts?