Meizu Releases FlymeOS 4.0.3I Update for the International Meizu MX4


Meizu has been on point lately with updates to its latest flagship phone, the Meizu MX4, and today they are releasing the latest update to FlymeOS 4.0.3I for the international version of the phone.  Meizu currently runs a few different channels for updates depending on what version of the MX4 you have, but this particular update is now appears to be available for all variants including the international one.  This update addresses quite a few bugs and issues users were experiencing throughout the OS, including improvements and bug fixes to the camera, software buttons and many performance improvements.

Looking at the official change log Meizu has fixed issues pertaining to the menu key not responding to touch in some situations, as well as fixing the camera not taking pictures in some situations.  Overall stability of the system has been improved and Meizu is citing performance improvements system wide as well.  As we've seen in the past with devices like the OnePlus One, Meizu has improved the touch response of the touch screen on the phone, giving an overall better experience when typing and other types of actions that require multiple or fast touches.


There's also some crashing issues that were present in the last version that are supposed to have been fixed.  Every now and then the gallery or camera would just outright crash, particularly on the camera when trying to take a video.  Both of these issues and more have reportedly been fixed, and it's great to see Meizu dropping these updates so quickly to address critical issues like crashing apps.  I've already updated my Meizu MX4 to 4.0.3I and you should be able to as well by going to the Updates app and downloading the update.  Everything applies automatically and quickly and you'll be in the latest version in just a few minutes, as it's only around a 63mb download so long as you're already on version 4.0.2I.

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