Meizu MX4: Camera Samples and Impressions


Meizu is really packing a punch with the camera on the Meizu MX4, and I'm willing to bet this is easily one of the finest smartphone cameras on the market today.  Packing a great combination of software that not only easy to use but super powerful and very competently designed with the hardware power of the Sony 1/2.3" 20.7 megapixel sensor found in the Xperia Z series, the Meizu MX4 is here to show you that it can compete with and beat the best of the camera phones out there.

Low light shots are spectacular and pick up more detail than any other sensor I've used with little to no noise at all, and there's very little image processing going on here to ruin what could otherwise be a good scene.  HDR is amazing and balances out even the harshest of shots, giving more detail and richer lighting to shots that would otherwise be too bright or too dark to be called good.  Manual mode was my favorite, giving you full control over the scene whether it be changing the shutter speed to dozens of different increments, adjusting the ISO and even manually changing the focus as you could on a proper camera.  All in all this feels more like a serious point and shoot camera than something that's just attached to a phone, and Meizu's care in selecting both the components and putting together a truly competent piece of software to accompany that shows in nearly every situation.


My only real problem here is with movement in certain lighting conditions, particularly of my 8 month old son who tends to move quickly and without much warning.  There's a strange delay from when you hit the shutter button and when the picture is actually taken which caused me to miss the moment a number of times.  I experienced this on the Xiaomi Redmi Note as well, and just attributed that to the chipset on the phone not being fast enough for the camera module, but this doesn't seem like it should be the case with the Meizu MX4.  I've mitigated this problem by just holding down the shutter button when I know I'm taking pictures of something moving, as the burst mode on the camera is blazing fast and takes dozens of pictures in one second flat, assuring me that I'll get the perfect shot every time.  It's also got a great picture browser to choose from these burst shots without clogging up your gallery by nesting the burst shots within a master shot.

Check out the gallery of shots below and see for yourself just how good the camera on this phone can be!  Meizu's MX4 is a pretty incredible phone at an incredible price, and we've got the hookup if you want to grab one.  Our friends over at are shipping this one worldwide and offering readers 10% off the regular price.  This is where we get our devices and we highly recommend them to you!  If you're looking to get the 16GB Meizu MX4 you can grab it here in Black, White or Gold.  The 32GB version costs just a little bit more and will give you double the space and is also available in Black, White and Gold.

Meizu-MX4-Camera-Night-5 Meizu-MX4-Camera-night-4 Meizu-MX4-Camera-night-3 Meizu-MX4-Camera-Night-2 Meizu-MX4-Camera-Night-1 Meizu-MX4-Camera-macro-9 Meizu-MX4-Camera-Macro-8 Meizu-MX4-Camera-Macro-7 Meizu-MX4-Camera-Macro-6 Meizu-MX4-Camera-Macro-5 Meizu-MX4-Camera-Macro-4 Meizu-MX4-Camera-Macro-3 Meizu-MX4-Camera-macro-2 Meizu-MX4-Camera-Macro-1 Meizu-MX4-Camera-indoors-5 Meizu-MX4-Camera-indoors-4 Meizu-MX4-Camera-indoors-3 Meizu-MX4-Camera-indoors-2 Meizu-MX4-Camera-indoors-1 Meizu-MX4-Camera-HDR-4 Meizu-MX4-Camera-HDR-3 Meizu-MX4-Camera-HDR-2 Meizu-MX4-Camera-forest-regular Meizu-MX4-Camera-forest-HDR Meizu-MX4-Camera-flowers-4 Meizu-MX4-Camera-flowers-3 Meizu-MX4-Camera-flowers-2 Meizu-MX4-Camera-flowers-1 Meizu-MX4-Camera-depth-of-field Meizu-MX4-Camera-8 Meizu-MX4-Camera-7 Meizu-MX4-Camera-6 Meizu-MX4-Camera-5 Meizu-MX4-Camera-4 Meizu-MX4-Camera-3 Meizu-MX4-Camera-2 Meizu-MX4-Camera-1 Meizu-MX4-Camera-Stars Meizu-MX4-Camera-HDR-1

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