Meizu Announces Partnership Will Alibaba And Two New Versions Of MX4 Handset

Meizu and Alibaba conference 7

Meizu has been all over the news for the past month and a half, basically since the company launched their MX4 flagship. This Chinese manufacturer has since sold tons of MX4 devices and even had problems meeting the demand. It’s been confirmed that the MX4 Pro will launch in November, but Meizu had something else to show us before that happens. The company has held a conference in Beijing and shared tons of details with the public. So, let’s see what Meizu had to say.

First and foremost, you might recall some leaks of YunOS-powered Meizu phone and rumors that YunOS will replace Flyme (Meizu’s very own OS). Meizu then disputed that and said that Flyme isn’t going anywhere which basically started rumors about disagreement between Meizu and Alibaba and all sorts of other problems. It seems those rumors were completely off considering Meizu announced partnership with Alibaba at this conference. The employees actually had blue t-shirts with “Flyme powered by YunOS” sings on them during this event. It seems like Meizu will integrate YunOS in Flyme’s very core and by doing that try to improve that operating system. Which is kind of a logical move if you think about it, Meizu invested a lot of cash in Alibaba’s YunOS a while back. Certain parts of YunOS will get implemented in Flyme, which is actually a good thing, as long as Meizu does a good job when it comes to that. From what Meizu shared at the conference, YunOS’ security features will be implemented, as well as power saving features which should improve battery life on Flyme-powered smartphones. Some cloud-based features will also get implemented along with tons of other features that will be revealed with time. Alibaba’s employees were also present of course and also talked about this merger of sorts. Hopefully they won’t go overboard with this and that Flyme will still run as smooth as butter after they’re done implementing YunOS’ features.

Meizu also introduced the device we’ve seen leaked yesterday, a mysterious new MX4 with glossy back cover. This is basically a Meizu MX4, but it sports a solid aluminum frame and a glossy back cover, Meizu is calling this device MX4 Silverwing. This version of the device will keep the 1799 Yuan ($294) price point. That’s not all though, Meizu also announced a gold version of Meizu MX4, and by gold I mean color, not the actual material. Along with those announcements Meizu also shared some sales number of Meizu MX4 and they’re staggering to say the least. It took only 17 days to exceed the amount Meizu has planned, the company didn’t expect such high demand for MX4 and admitted that they were extremely surprised. They said however that they managed and that everyone who ordered / orders a Meizu MX4 will get their copy as soon as possible.

That’s basically it, we’ll let you know when we get more info on the availability of these 2 new MX4 versions. Meizu is really up-and-coming company and this YunOS partnership really does sound interesting. Let’s see what Alibaba and Meizu can do together.