Meet RE Camera’s Rather Wide selection Of Accessories

October 8, 2014 - Written By Kristijan Lucic

HTC just announced company’s new products at its “Double Exposure” even in New York. Other than announcing the intensively rumored HTC Desire Eye smartphone the Taiwan-based company has also announced the much talked about GoPro competitor, RE Camera. This little device, which, by the way, reminds me a whole lot of the movie Down Periscope, is a rather capable camera. It sports a 136-degree wide-angle lens, lets you shoot 16-megapixel photos while it also features a 1080p video recording. That’s not all though, you can find out more in our original RE Camera article.

We’re here to talk about something RE Camera adjacent. HTC announced a slew of accessories for this device as well, brace yourself, there’s lot of them, 9 to be more exact. First we have a “RE Bar Mount” ($19.99), which you can attach to your bicycle, scooter, motorcycle… basically anything with a handlebar. It comes with an adjustable clamp and a wrench. “RE Clip-On” ($14.99) is the second accessory here, this lets you attach RE Camera to your shirt, backpack… basically anything, so you can have your hands-free while shooting something. This accessory has a rotating swivel, so you can set it just right. “RE Charging Stand” ($39.99) is an overnight charging base but it’s also a time-lapse stand, if that’s your thing.

Fourth accessory HTC is offering is called “RE Suction Mount” ($24.99). This thing lets you put RE Camera on any flat surface and keep it nice and stable while you’re shooting something. Put it on a table, in your car, concrete… wherever you want basically. “RE A/C Charger” ($19.99) is exactly what it says it is, it’s just a charger. “RE Head Mount” ($19.99) is also kind of self-explanatory, it will make you look weird when you set it up on your head, but you’ll get a great angle to shoot something. This will be great for those of you who are in extreme sports and stuff. “RE Car Charger” ($29.99) will make sure you’ll able to charge the RE Camera while you’re driving. This is a dual-port adapter, as you can see in the image down below. “RE Extended Battery” ($39.99) is capable of extending RE’s battery life up to four and a half times according to the official webpage. It’s basically a battery pack. Last, but not least, we have the “RE Outdoor Pack” ($24.99). This is a 4-piece kit which includes a waterproof-enhancing cap, protective lens cap and a neck and wrist lanyards. There you have it. RE Camera sure does come with a ton of accessories, I really didn’t expect HTC to do something like this, I have to admit. Does this device appeal to you at all?