Meet The $3000 Gresso Regal Smartphone That's Now Available For Pre-Order


If you thought Google's Nexus 6 was expensive at $700 then hold the phone, literally. Google and Motorola have nothing on a new device which has been released today by Gresso. Never heard of them? No me neither but that doesn't matter as they are not the news. Gresso's new smartphone dubbed the Gresso Regal seriously takes the biscuit when it comes to pricing. This little puppy will set you back a very cool $3000. Not a typo folks and just so there is no mistake that is three thousand dollars.

So what do you get for that kind of Wonga (UK slang for money). Well, obviously you get all the very top in terms of specifications…actually you don't. To be clear the specs are not bad but there is certainly better out there. To give you a run-down the Gresso Regal comes with a 5" Full HD Gorilla Glass 3 protected display. Resolution is set at 1920 x 1080. Inside, the Regal comes with 2GB RAM and a 1.5GHz quad-core processor. In terms of memory the Regal offers 32GB internal storage and no mention of external. If you are a snapper then the rear camera is a 13MP while on the front you get a 5MP shooter. The device is single-SIM and runs on Android 4.2.1. Again, not a typo, that's Jelly Bean ladies and Gentlemen.


So whats with the price tag? Well in short this is all about the style. Yes, this is a design piece and as such the price represents the build quality. Straight off the bat the first thing to note is the Regal is made of Premium Grade 5 Titanium. If that's not enough then it is probably worth noting that these are manually put together. Yes, people that means real people putting this one together. No bots building phones. Still not enough? OK, how about limited edition? We hear that phrase a lot, but this is a limited edition. There will only be 999 units made (don't ask why its not a 1000) and that is it. No variants, no more roll-outs, no invites (looking at you OnePlus), no nothing. If you buy one you will be $3000 out of pocket but you will have a manually assembled, one of 999, titanium built smartphone. If you are still not fully convinced then check out the promo video below. The guy is actually wearing gloves when he is holding the phone. Already want one? Then click here to head over to the pre-order page but be warned there are only 996 left as I've pre ordered three.

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