MediaTek MT6795 Chip Will Help The Company Penetrate The Market Even Further In 2015

MediaTek Chip

MediaTek is slowly but surely gaining market share on a global scale. This Taiwan-based processor manufacturer has started by producing rather weak performing chips which were meant to power the low-end devices. As time passed by, MediaTek started offering some really compelling processors for rather affordable prices, which resulted in quite the demand for these chips. Many Chinese manufacturers started using MediaTek’s chips in their handsets, even some well-known ones. Manufacturers outside of China still prefer chips from other manufacturers, such as Qualcomm, but MediaTek managed to leave a mark there as well.

Company’s MT6589 processor has gained a rather solid reputation all around and created competition for companies like Qualcomm. MediaTek introduced the MT6592 last year, the first octa-core chip. This year MT6595 came to stage. This chip uses BIG.LITTLE technology and offers really good performance, we’re also talking about an octa-core processor here. This processor is powering rather great devices, such as Meizu MX4 for example and has proven itself to be a really capable piece of technology. Analysts say that next year the competition will be strongest in upper mid-range category where 64-bit processors will fight for market share. MediaTek has its own horse for the race there, MT6795 which is a 64-bit octa-core processor which will try to compete with Qualcomm and spread even further into the market. Qualcomm currently holds about 68% of the market as far as processors go. MediaTek has announced this chip already back in July. This is an octa-core 64-bit chip, as previously stated, it has a support for 2K displays and speeds up to 2.2GHz. This chip also supports LPDDR3 RAM up to 933MHz and is capable of recording and playback of 1080p video up to 480 frames per second while supporting H.264 codec at 2K and 4K resolutions. 4G support is a given and wireless charging support is also on board.

Do you think MediaTek can spread even further and lower Qualcomm’s market share next year? I believe that this Taiwanese manufacturer will be able to do that, but that Qualcomm will still be number 1 processor manufacturer, by far.