Lifeproof Unveils Rugged Case For The Motorola DROID Turbo With IP68 Rating

The Motorola DROID Turbo just might be the device to get this holiday season. With Verizon now set to be carrying the Google Nexus 6, the Sony Xperia Z3v, and now the DROID Turbo all before Christmas time, there are going to be plenty of happy consumers out there who subscribe to the Verizon network with gifts to die for. The DROID Turbo has many desirable features packed into it, and like the Moto X 2nd Gen. and the Google Nexus 6, it has water resistance to help semi protect it from the elements. Water resistance though is only water resistance, so this particular feature still won't hold a candle to the Waterproof IP68 rating on the Sony Xperia Z3v.

This is where the new Lifeproof case for the DROID Turbo can can come in handy, turning that water resistance into full on waterproof so you needn't worry about whether or not you drop it in a puddle or the toilet.(Don't be shy, you know you've done it)Just to compare, the case puts the DROID Turbo at the same waterproof rating as the Xperia Z3v, with an IP68 waterproofing score. Unlike the Xperia Z3v though, the case is stated as being able to handle full submersion up to 2 meters, a full meter above the rating on the Xperia Z3 line of devices which are rated for 1 meter for up to 30 minutes. The case is also shock proof to military standard, and can be dropped from a height of 2 meters, the same depth which the case(with phone inside of course)can be submerged.

The DROID Turbo is already built to withstand some damage, and it still manages to look sleek while doing it. This rugged case from Lifeproof though can take the protection that extra mile without taking too much away from the stylish design, and why not be prepared for life. Things happen, and that's the kind of protection this case can provide. Aside from being able to handle the water and shock damage, the case is also dust proof and snow proof, so if you fancy taking the DROID Turbo on your next expedition through either the Himalayas or the Mojave Dessert, you'll be prepared with Lifeproof. Right now there is no pricing for the case, as it's only listed as TBA, but with the kind of protection that it's providing expect to spend at least upwards of $40 on it. There is also no release date information, but you can sign up at Lifeproof's website to be notified when the case is available.

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