LG's G Watch R Could Go On Sale as Soon as October 14th



Earlier this year, LG launched themselves into the smartwatch game with the LG G Watch, and I've been wearing one since launch and I was pretty happy with it when I reviewed it back in the summer. Of course, since then LG has announced another smartwatch, the G Watch R, with the new letter standing for round, as the R is a more sporty, more traditionally styled smartwatch. Where the G Watch was square, bulky and digital (which many of us still prefer) the G Watch R is for those that prefer a more traditional style to their smartwatches and it also features a circular display like the Moto 360 and its arguably a more premium looking device compared to the original G Watch.


While the G Watch R was announced last month during IFA 2014, we've yet to hear much about a concrete release date, until now that is. ZDNet Korea is reporting that LG plans to release the G Watch R in South Korea on October 14th, with an international release around the same sort of time. In fact, our South Korean readers might even be able to buy one tomorrow if they head on over to a certain online retailer that ZDNet Korea is reporting has a week's worth of online exclusivity on LG's latest smartwatch. As for the price, it's understandably going to cost more than the original G Watch did, which cost 270,000 Won in South Korea. The G Watch R is said to retail for 352,000 Won which is roughly $330, but we're sure LG will have definitive pricing for the US and other regions as they get closer and closer to launching their latest smartwatch.

While the G Watch R is definitely a good-looking device, it's important to remember that the original G Watch will still be supported with Android Wear updates directly from Google. Besides, not everyone wants a sporty-looking watch, with users like myself preferring a simple, understated watch to go with my everyday wardrobe. Still, it is nice to see some competition coming for the Moto 360 and more choice is always a good thing, especially with a new platform like Android Wear.

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