LG teases new 'Personal' phone with Moods

LG has just teased a new phone that it states it will be announcing later this year at the World IT Show, which will be held in Busan, Korea between October 20th and the 23rd. As for the phone itself, LG hasn't given us much to go on, except for the fact that it will  be named the LG AKA, and that it has been described as a 'personal' phone.

That statement seems rather ludicrous when one reads it, given that each phone is touted as being 'personal'. The adjective brings to mind adverts for Microsoft's Windows Phone, that claimed their phones were more personal than devices running Android or iOS. However, it seems that LG has a definitive claim to this adjective as the handsets are shown as having animated eyes on the back of the phone, which sit above the interchangeable protective panel. These eyes, according to LG, will express different emotions, depending on what you load onto your phone.

These emotions will vary, depending on how you use your phone, how many apps you download onto it, what apps you download onto it, what music you play on it, what videos you watch, etc. Given that these aspects of phones will always vary from person to person on these factors, it's not hard to imagine that the eyes will have an almost eerie representation of the person who owns the phone.

The LG AKA is slated to launch in South Korea some time next month and will most likely not leave Asian markets, given its 'Concept Device' stature. However, the devices seem really interesting, especially if the eyes work as they've been advertised. LG is no stranger to strange concepts such as this, given that they've released a phone that is purposefully curved in the middle. That said, the concept for this phone could go either of two ways; having animated eyes on the back of users' phones that represent their personality could be cool and wacky enough for people to buy them, or it could be a little too creepy to know that there's a pair of eyes on the back of your device, blinking at people.

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