LG Posts Largest Gain In Share Of Android Web Traffic Beating Amazon and Motorola


While it's no secret that Samsung owns the lion's share of the Android smartphone market, there are several other companies who continue to grow in their quest to rival Samsung's dominance. LG is one of these companies and due to its previous two flagship devices, the G2 and G3, being well received by both critics and consumers alike it has recently achieved some benchmarks that should give them reason to celebrate. Their latest flagship, the G3, was released earlier this year and according to sales figures it will be their first device ever to sell more than 10 million units. The success of the G3 should come as no surprise as it was met with widespread acclaim upon its release due to its great display, battery life, and build quality. Today, LG has something else to be proud of as it was reported that LG posted the largest gains in Android web traffic in North America since June.

Chitka Inc. is a Massachusetts based firm that tracks trends in internet usage and, as you can see in their graph seen below, while Samsung manufactured the vast majority of Android devices in the U.S. and Canada going online it was LG that posted the largest gains in internet usage in the period between June and September of this year. LG devices accounted for 10.4% of all Android smartphones and tablets that accessed the internet during the month of September which was an increase from 8.7% in June, representing a total increase of 1.7%. Samsung, on the other hand, saw a decrease in its share of Android web traffic falling from 57.4% to 56.4%. Samsung wasn't the only one to see decreases, however, as several other Android smartphone manufactures including HTC and Google also tallied lower numbers.


As mentioned earlier, their G3 flagship has posted the best ever sales for LG and this is, most likely, what accounts for their gains in overall share of Android web traffic. Were you one of those people who bought one of the approximately 10 million G3's that were sold this year? Are you as big a fan of the device as our editors here at Android Headlines? Tell us in the comments below or hit us up on our Google + page.


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